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Looking into selling your business? Or buying one? Pacific Merger Group is here to answer them. Our job is to ensure that you have all of the answers to your questions and are confident with our process. We are always here to chat if you have any questions. Click here to book your free consultation today.

Buyer FAQs about Business Aquisitions

How much does a small business cost?

The numbers can vary greatly depending on the type of business, the inventory on hand and how profitable it is.  We do recommend being prepared with at least a $25,000 down payment. More if the business is larger and worth more. Reach out to us if you have questions on a specific business and we will be happy to give you more specific numbers.  


Am I guaranteed that the profit numbers are accurate and true?

Through a process of due diligence, which occurs curing the business acquisition process. The due diligence process requires the seller to provide all of the documentation verifying the true and accurate numbers of the business to the buyer.


How much does it cost to use your services to purchase a business?

Pacific Merger Group gets paid through a commission on the sale which comes out of the buyer’s selling price. There can be other costs involved which are not related to Pacific Merger Group but may be necessary to a successful sale such as Lawyer or Accountant fees. Both buyer and seller are responsible for securing their own professionals outside of Pacific Merger Group and their fees.


Where can I find businesses that are currently for sale?  

You can always view our main listings by clicking here.  But we highly recommend giving us a phone call or sending us an email. We have many connections and can find the perfect business for you, eve if it’s not listed on our website currently.


Do I need an attorney and an accountant to buy a business?

There are many ins and outs to buying a business. We highly recommend that all parties involved in the transaction engage the proper professionals.

Buyer FAQs

Seller FAQs about Selling a Business

How long does it take to sell a business?

The average time if takes to sell a business is 4 – 9 months. This can vary of course depending on a number of factors. 


How do you get paid? 

We are paid on commissions only. We do not get paid unless your business sells, and we never take money up front. Our payment is 100% based upon our performance and success in helping you.


Is this a confidential transaction? 

Yes!  At Pacific Merger Group no discussion about business details happens with a potential buyer until an NDA is first signed. We understand the importance of keeping the process discreet until it is complete to ensure the best value is received for the business and that the day to day operations of the company are not ruffled by a potential new owner coming into the picture. 


What Kinds of businesses do you sell? 

At Pacific Merger Group we are proud to help sell businesses in a variety of verticals. From small laundromats to large multimillion dollar international companies. We are happy to help sell a wide variety of companies. Reach out to us with any questions you may have about how we can help you sell your business. 


How do I sell my small business? 

Selling a business, regardless of what size, can be a complicated matter. We highly recommend that you reach out to a broker to assist you with the process and all the red tape to ensure a successful and smooth transaction. Reach out to us any time with at questions at  (469) 569-8347


Let's Work Together

Looking to buy a business or sell a business? We are here to ensure a smooth and win - win transaction for all parties. Reach out to us today at (469) 569-8347 or email We look forward to working with you!

Seller FAQs
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