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End of Year Business Wrap Up & Reflections

The end of the year is a fantastic time to do some end of the year wrap up and reflections. Not just in your personal life, but in your business life as well. And we are talking more that just making some New Year’s Resolutions. This is more about taking the time to really focus on setting up your business for a more successful and sustainable year and years to come.

Reflect Upon the Year

Take the time to look at your business analytics and stats for the past year. Take a look at campaigns, ad spend, sales numbers, profitability, expenses, the whole 9 yards. And take the time to really understand what worked well for your company this year and what did not.

Put Into Play an Annual Business Valuation

This is a fantastic way to keep a realistic view of the market value of your business from year to year. And an excellent way to help you be ready in case you must or want to sell at any point during the upcoming year.

Track Growth for the Year

In case you haven’t been doing this already now is the time to track your growth for the year. Sales, Inventory, employees, all of it. And keep good records. This will help your business to maintain it’s value as time goes on and help you to achieve your business goals as well.

Be Prepared for the Unexpected

As Covid has taught all of us, anything can happen to your business. Make sure that you have plans in place should the most unexpected of unexpected occur. Put in place avenues for emergency funding if needed and game plans should you need to quickly remove yourself from ownership or running of the day to days of the company. Be sure to have solid Standards of Procedure in place so that things can keep running smoothly should the worst happen.

Plan Goals for Next Year

News Year’s Resolutions are just around the corner not just for you personally but for your business as well! With all your reflections and the big picture of your business clearly in front of you take the time to make your business goals for this year and maybe even the next 5. Put them down on paper and make the plans necessary to hit your goals in the new year.

If you would like help or guidance with your business valuation or any other business advice please reach out to us anytime.

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